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The Art of Making Great Coffee

Making coffee is easy, right. You just soak ground coffee in water until the solution tastes good.

Well, maybe this isn’t particularly helpful, especially if your goal is to make a great cup of coffee. But it does basically describe how we’ve been making coffee for the last 300 years.

Luckily for us coffee devotees the process has been greatly refined. So let’s have another go at it.

Grind recently roasted high-quality Arabica beans. Bring cold, filtered water to a near boil. Mix the water with the coffee grind at the proper ratio. Let the water remain in contact with the ground coffee for a certain amount of time. Filter out the grind and marvel at the wonder of your creation.

Not bad! But now, as you blissfully sip a cup of coffee, muse upon some of the following questions:

  • What’s the best grind for a French press?
  • What’s a dark roast?
  • How hot should the water be?
  • What’s the best ratio of ground coffee to water?
  • Which is the best brewing device?
  • How long should the water be in contact with the grind?

And the questions continue ad infinitum.

Well, perhaps the process is a wee bit more involved than we first thought (unless you drink coffee purely for the caffeine). There are lots of variables that go into making this rich, complex and beguiling drink. And unless you have a basic understanding of them your quest for coffee greatness is just a distant dream.

This is where Coffee Confidential comes to the rescue. Let’s explore together the rich and potent experience of coffee from its basics to its history and its proper preparation at home.

Let’s get on with it! Grab “una bella tazza di caffè” and start exploring the site.